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Charting Your Career Path With Confidence and Authenticity

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Your Partner in Wayfinding

I’m Lauren, your coach, guide, and founder of The Wayfinding Method

I help people create deeper engagement and direction at work.

So whether you’re:

  • at a pivotal moment in your career,

  • feeling stuck,

  • looking to develop professionally, or

  • simply wanting to feel more motivated and engaged at work...

My program works collaboratively with you to re-frame, re-imagine and re-ignite your personal and professional perspective and circumstances.

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Good question.


Before there were compasses or maps, people used wayfinding to navigate through unmarked routes and territories.


Wayfinding required mastery over an array of knowledge, tools and skillsets.




  1. The process or activity of ascertaining one's position

  2. Planning and following a route


Career Wayfinding


Navigating your career path with increased confidence, authenticity and purpose.


Today, our career paths are similar to those unmarked routes.


Careers don’t come with a map. 


This can cause uncertainty, anxiety and even the inability to act at certain points along the way. 


The Wayfinding Method helps you plot your own unique career journey. 

The result of this is deeper career engagement and fulfillment because you have a direction, a route, a sense of purpose and the navigational tools to get you there.

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What those who've found their way have to say...

Lauren provided an exceptionally supportive environment and guided me through a process of self-discovery.  Lauren has a unique way of helping me to cut through the clutter and understand the path forward.


When I began with Lauren, I knew I needed a change.  It was clear but it was also terrifying.  I was contemplating making a move that would upend all of the stability I, and my family, depend on.  With Lauren's assistance, I have made the change and while it was still scary, I made the change with my eyes wide open.  My family and I are all in a better place now that I have made this change for the better and Lauren has provided critical guidance and support that helped pave the road to where I need to be today.


- Alex Freedman

Non-profit executive


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