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  • What makes The Wayfinding Method unique?
    Simply put, my perspective. Having worked in recruitment where I had to uncover talent in diverse industries, functions and levels, I understand the context of my clients’ lives regardless of their position, industries or roles. My unique perspective forms the foundation for my Wayfinding Method programs. My personal background also provides an extra layer of perspective. My father passed away just shy of 60 and I have the same genetic mutation as he did. I am really trying to live life on my terms because I know it’s not guaranteed. This combination of my clients' perspective and mine helps creates new pathways and ways of understanding.
  • What will the Wayfinding Method process give me that I can't get anywhere else?
    You can’t see the label when you’re in the jar. There are certain problems we simply cannot solve on our own. Seeing our best and most authentic selves clearly and aligning our plan with them, is something that cannot be accomplished simply thinking about it on your own. We clarify ourselves, our needs and our pathways in conversation with others. And as a coach, I don’t have a stake in your decisions (like a boss or spouse might), so I’m more objective. I try to align myself with you to serve your needs and goals. That’s why people see me as a sounding board—they can hear themselves more clearly when their thoughts are clarified and reflected off of me. Through coaching, consulting and guided reflection, I lead you through a process of self-understanding and creative option generation while holding you accountable to your most meaningful goals.
  • How does your Wayfinding Method program work?
    The product and services take you through a process of self-understanding, helping you integrate parts of yourself that have been neglected, ignored or unseen. I assign reflective activities for you to complete. Then, we come back together and mine the insights for clues about what truly makes you happy, what strengths you can use to achieve your goals, the mindsets that are holding you back and new directions you can consider. Through a blend of guided reflection and private coaching sessions, we uncover your most meaningful goals, obstacles (internal and external) and figure out practical and tailored strategies to achieve them. The difference between the packages is support and specifically, how much you need. This is discussed in a complementary 30-minutes Wayfinding Method Discovery call.
  • What are the main BENEFITS I can expect to receive?
    You will come away with a clearer understanding of yourself that will allow you to make choices in your career or business that align with what is really important to you. The program helps establish clarity around what you have to offer which leads to greater self-confidence, self-efficacy and overall positivity. You’ll also gain new perspectives - both about yourself and what’s possible. People that work through The Wayfinding Method program report feeling more in tune with themselves, more engaged in life, more hopeful that they can achieve their goals, proud of who they are, and accepting of what they truly want. You will gain control because you will be in the driver’s seat of your life and career. Rather than just going along for the ride, you’ll take active, intentional and conscious steps to create a life that truly aligns with your definition of success.
  • How is the Wayfinding Method different from an executive or performance coach?
    Executive coaches or performance coaches help you achieve company aligned work goals, perform better, and communicate more effectively at your job. If we are working together through a company sponsored program, you and you sponsor will co-set the goals we work on in coaching. We will also set milestones to track your progress. If you choose to work with me independently, you will set goals that are aligned with what you want to achieve. This can be in line with the company but sometimes isn’t. As a work-life coach I look at the interrelatedness of multiple domains of one’s life to see where certain domains are underinvested. The pain point is usually at work. Work has come to be a draining, rather than energizing, factor in their life. And because it takes up so much time in our lives, it can make you feel like you are losing out. My work is a blend of work and life, focused completely on the individual circumstances of my clients. We come up with a completely customized solution to your needs and priorities.
  • I’ve worked with a coach before and didn’t have great results. Why will your program be different?
    The key to results is accountability. I expect it from everyone I work with. If someone isn’t committed enough to “do the work”, they aren’t a fit for the Wayfinding Method. In other words, the people I work are carefully selected. They have one common characteristic: They want to change their life for the better.

THE NEXT STEP: Contact me directly at (647) 964-6572 or to discuss your career hopes + aspirations and identify which coaching package would best suit your needs.

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