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Uncertain and Adrift at a career crossroad?

Start tapping in to ALL your resources and carve your path to more fulfillment


Career Coach In Canada Toronto
Career Coach In Canada Toronto
Career Coach In Canada Toronto
Career Coach In Canada Toronto

The hidden roadblocks that could be holding you back


The unique tools you already have


How to turn on your confidence tap


The often hidden path to fulfillment you may not be able to see

Many people go through their careers on automatic. The money’s good. The people are great. Plenty of variety.

But there are times when their career - the only thing some have ever known - has them feeling incredibly unfulfilled.


They know they SHOULD be happy. But they’re not.


Sound familiar?


It’s almost as if there’s an inner force that keeps you trapped at the crossroad. 


Should I stay? Should I go? Where do I go from here?

Making confident choices at pivotal moments in your career requires briefly hitting pause, taking stock and carrying out essential due diligence.

However, this process can feel overwhelming, making you feel even more stuck.

That's why I created a framework to help mid-career professionals move from stuck and confused to confident and empowered, regardless of if you stay or go. 

Hi….I’m Lauren Malach…and for over 13 years as an executive search director and professional career coach, I’ve helped create life-changing turning points for many people just like you.


At the core of these turnarounds are the strategies I reveal in my Wayfinding Method Program.    


What prevents many people from getting unstuck from unfulfilling career environments is that they think the only option is a complete teardown of their existing situation.


Questions like ‘what else would I do?’ and 'where do I even start?’ keep them frozen in place.


Well, it doesn’t work like that.

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Re-Frame Re-Imagine Re-Ignite

The road to fulfillment and happiness is NOT an ‘all or nothing’ transformation but instead, a process where you take what you have and shape it into the lifestyle you want.


Click here to learn about the Career Wayfinding Method Program and how it can help you find the right balance between your career and the rest of your life.   


To schedule a 30-minute complimentary Career Crossroads Strategy session, please call me at 647-964-6572 or email me at and we’ll set up an exploratory chat.

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What those who've found their way have to say...

"At the beginning of this process, I had no idea what I should do next. I did the same thing for approximately 13 years and really grew tired of it.


I was stressed out, burnt out, and I knew I needed a change.


I came to Lauren after the initial decision was made to sell my accounting firm, but I had no idea what I would do next.


Lauren helped clarify what was important to me. She helped provide an actual method to think about these issues. She helped me to actually quantify and objectively evaluate different ideas. She also helped to find common themes and values that were present in seemingly vastly different ideas that I had initially.


I definitely recommend working with her."

Neal Winokur

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