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About The Wayfinding Method

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The Wayfinding Method is at the heart of all my programs. It aims to transform your sense of unhappiness, uncertainty, anxiety, indifference or ambivalence about your work into a clear and confident view of yourself and the possibilities ahead. 


How The Wayfinding Method Process Works: Many people feel that in order to produce significant life changes, they must undergo a complete career transformation. 


In most cases, that is not how it happens. 


Instead, think of it as a process that involves combining your current situation with some key mindset shifts that will allow you to see what’s standing in your way between where you are today and a more fulfilling life.


You don’t have to tear the house down. You simply have to make some strategic renovations.

Because everyone is unique, each Wayfinding Method package has been created to match a variety of specific needs.


How we craft your personal path forward will flow from the insights our coaching sessions reveal.  


The Wayfinding Method helps you…

  • Clarify your skills, strengths and values so you can direct yourself to fulfilling projects, roles and career paths AND market yourself along the way.

  • Get unstuck by brainstorming options and possibilities for the next chapter of your career.

  • Gain self-awareness to help you make choices with confidence that lead to career - AND life fulfillment.

  • Identify the fears or doubts that stand in your way and learn how to manage them.

  • Discover your unique value proposition and practice communicating it with the world.

  • Get in the driver’s seat of your career instead of waiting to be found or applying to whatever.

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Wayfinding Method Program Structure

The Wayfinding Method Program has two key “personal growth” components: 

  • Wayfinding Method Online Program contains twenty one (21) online units designed to help you see yourself and the path ahead in new ways that will inspire hope, motivation and reveal new career and life fulfillment strategies. 

  • This digitally-interactive program allows you to send me your responses for further insights or perspectives. You may also choose to keep your discoveries to yourself.

  • The coaching sessions turn your insights into action and customized strategies

  • Together, we will focus on the goals that matter most to you— unlocking new perspectives and pathways to reach them

  • We will laugh, we might cry, and we will create new ways of thinking, perceiving and behaving that can inspire lasting positive changes in many aspects of your life.

IMPORTANT: If you’re looking for a bright shiny new thing solution that will change everything instantly - The Wayfinding Method is probably not for you.


But if you are truly committed to change and you’re willing to do some work that is based on proven, time-tested career growth strategies and experience, rest assured, it has worked wonders for many.


Whatever your career path needs, I can help. Working together, we will get you unstuck and ensure that you go forward with a quiet confidence that comes with knowing what you want and as importantly, how to get it.  


Check out the Wayfinding Method Packages here.


And, if you’re not sure which is the right fit for you...let’s set aside some time to talk about it in a 30-minute Wayfinding Method discovery call.  


Who I Work With

The people I work well with are committed, reflective and willing to take a look at the possibilities - many of which are much closer than they realize.

Although the Wayfinding Method can benefit many individuals, there are two distinct groups that seem to thrive using the program: 

Executives/Business Owners who have become somewhat disillusioned by success and what they thought it would bring with it. They “appear” to have it all but find themselves lacking a career/life balance. They don’t want work to be their whole life but have trouble seeing how they can craft a new way forward on their own. They feel guilty because they want more out of life while they see others grinding it out. Their career is how they measure themselves and they have trouble letting go of the identity their career gives them. The Wayfinding Method reveals how they can achieve the work/life balance they are looking for without having to make a complete career transformation. 

The Disengaged Midlifer who may have 10-20 years of work experience under their belt. They find work draining and they aren’t energized or motivated by the road ahead. They might lack of confidence as to whether they can make a change. They’re afraid of losing financial security and they worry time is running out to make changes. They need a better understanding of what they have to offer and what their options which requires them to gain a new perspective, greater motivation, more hope, self-determination and belief in themselves. The Wayfinding Method shows them how to implement new strategies and develop confidence in their decisions.


There is a third group of individuals I can help: People who have experienced a significant event in their lives. 


This is usually a life event: maybe they’ve been laid off, a path they had been following has come to a decisive end, they may have a new child or their small children now need less care because they are in school or perhaps the death of a parent. In some cases, they’ve just reached a point where they’ve had enough of not taking action. Regardless, they need a change along with some help on how to navigate their way thought it.

THE NEXT STEP: Contact me directly at to discuss your career + life hopes + aspirations and identify which coaching package would best suit your needs.

(Coaching sessions are typically conducted virtually via Zoom or telephone.)

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