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Move Forward- A course to clarify what you want in work and life and how to get it

It's happening!

When I first launched "Four Questions to help you create meaning in life and work" I promised there'd be an opportunity to work together in person and now... it's here.

This is the second iteration of my course- the first took place mainly online. My incredible clients shared that one of the best parts was meeting new friends and feeling a sense of community.

So this time round we're gonna learn like it's 1998.

Move Forward is a course for people who want to feel engaged and fulfilled with their work and are ready to learn new tools to do that. It's like a design course- but for your work and life. That's why I call it Work/Life Design.

In this course, you will learn and apply tools to help: identify your goals, discover your strengths and other hidden resources, shift your perspective and make more confident choices. This can help you if you are considering making changes at work or in any aspect of life.

The course is interactive, fun and effective at helping you view yourself and approach your challenges in new ways.

Registration is now open for the next series of classes in Toronto. Read all about it here.

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