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Love your Work, Love your life.

You will spend roughly 80,000 hours of your life working.

Work can energize and engage-- it can also drain and deplete. 

When you feel purposeful, contributing your best self, those hours add meaning and value to life. 

But when you feel disengaged or adrift, work feels like a slog. Clock in, clock out. Repeat.

During those dim seasons, you need to re-discover your north star-- determine the ultimate direction to steer toward.




You don't have to navigate your career alone.


I'm Lauren Malach, your strengths-spotting, option-generating, action-inspiring coach here to help you navigate your career with purpose and authenticity so that you can love your work (and life) more.

With 13 years of experience supporting people at pivotal moments in their careers,  first as an executive recruiter and now as a coach, I help my clients uncover their unique value proposition, set meaningful directions and pursue them with confidence.

Captain your journey by starting at the end. Grab my fave reflection exercise here.

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