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The Liminal Space- A Group Coaching Program

The Liminal Space
A Group Coaching Program for Disengaged Professionals at a Career Crossroads

Create an engaging and authentic path forward without the confusion and loneliness of doing it on your own

“Thresholds” Painting by Taryn Ponsky Studio

Seasons change gradually and effortlessly, but change isn’t easy for us humans. Particularly when we are moving from a place of professional comfort and expertise into the unknown. Transition, or liminal, stages are the space of becoming—when you aren’t (or don’t want to be) the same person or professional you were before, yet the next version of yourself isn't fully formed. Transition stages signify renewal but also provoke stress and anxiety because they are inherently uncertain, and we don’t know how to navigate them.

According to Victor Turner, an anthropologist who helped conceptualize liminality (in-between stages) in ritual practice, the attributes of these stages “are necessarily ambiguous. One's sense of identity dissolves to some extent, bringing about disorientation, but also the possibility of new perspectives.”

In my personal and professional transition stages— when I didn’t yet know how to be an adult, a recruiter, a parent, a coach, or a business owner— I felt disoriented, vulnerable, doubtful, and stressed.

A client recently compared the liminal phase to a ship at sea. She doesn't want to go back to the port she departed from and yet the destination is nowhere in sight. The sea is often stormy. She often feels adrift. And she's not confident about her ability to captain the ship. The fear of unknown waters makes her want to return to the known port. And yet, she hopes to find her way to the other side.

Mastering your career transition requires clarifying what you have to offer and where you want to contribute next, expert feedback, and a curious mindset.

That is why I created The Liminal Space group coaching program—to help you navigate through the liminal space with clarity, courage, confidence, AND community.

The Liminal Space package includes: - 12 months of access to the online Career Wayfinding Program to support you as you clarify where you want to go next. These 21 curated exercises (plus helpful bonus guides) will help you: - uncover your core portable strengths, - brainstorm career alternatives,

- minimize risk by testing your ideas first, - and provide recruiter-approved guides to getting there. - 6 months of access to The Crossroads Club. A twice-monthly group gathering where you and an exclusive cohort of Wayfinders will build clarity, courage and confidence to actively craft your careers. - Editorial feedback on your resume, cover letter, informational email requests, business plans or personal websites to strengthen your collateral and your confidence in putting yourself out there.

This is a 6-month pilot program that will be evaluated in September 2022. You can enter it at any time from March 2022 until September 2022 (fee will be prorated).

Set up a free Career crossroads discovery call to see if this package is the right one for you.

The fee for the program is $1,200 plus tax.

Group coaching calls will take place over Zoom from 12:00-1:00 pm ET approximately two times per month from March 2022-September 2022 (excluding August).

Call Schedule (subject to change)

Tuesday March 29

Thursday April 14

Tuesday April 26

Thursday May 12

Tuesday May 31

Thursday June 16

Tuesday June 28

Thursday July 7

Thursday Sept 8

Tuesday Sept 20

Thursday Sept 29

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