Want to enhance the strengths of your workforce or employees?

Wayfinding Is Not For Everyone. It's for You.

Mid-Career Professionals. People in high growth companies trying to navigate an ever-changing landscape. Organizations that want their people to grow along with them. Leaders taking on new challenges. Anyone seeking a Strengths Strategy.


I help them all find direction and a path forward. With confidence, clarity and authenticity.


  • Feeling ready to take the reins on your career?

  • Craving new ways of seeing yourself and your potential?

  • Want to enhance the strengths of your workforce or employees?

  • Simply feeling stuck and unsure of where to start?


When it comes to the last one, congrats on being human.


It’s natural at some point or another in life to feel unsure about what’s next.


We’re not meant to do this wayfinding thing alone!


The Wayfinding Method was created to mobilize and empower you. It’s called “unsticking” you.  

Pillars of the Wayfinding Method

The only way to get where you want to go is with a path that has a destination.


I help you determine both in three stages.


Discover your Strengths, Skills and Values.

Holding a mirror up to yourself and evaluating your existing resources.

Determine the Destination

Define Your Desired Contribution and Impact.


What unique stamp do you want to make on the world? 

READY TO wayfind

Assess Possible Routes to Goal Attainment.


Charting your path forward with a clear destination.

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