An Easy Truth

Want the truth? Good, because that's my preferred approach.

Here it is:


Nobody will take charge of your career for you.


That’s your job.


My job is to give you the tools to guide yourself to a fulfilling career.


One where you can contribute your best qualities to make your positive, unique stamp on the world. 


To do this, you need a strong, well-honed internal compass to guide and direct you.


Strategically and intuitively.


Because coaching is a collaborative effort, you never feel like you’re going at it blindly or alone.

A wayfinding Confession

There’s a lot of myths about career fulfillment out there that seriously need busting. For that reason, you won’t hear me telling you to “follow your bliss.”


Nor will I peddle clichés about “finding work you love so you never feel like you need a vacation.” 


Instead, what I’ll do is help you find new ways of seeing yourself, your career, and the potential pathways towards fulfillment that are likely already accessible to you.


What you may just need is an objective point-of-view to recognize and help open the door to it. That’s what The Wayfinding Method gives you the tools to do. No matter how far away your destination may initially feel, the Wayfinding approach puts it well within reach.

The Biggest Myths I BUST

That you need to quit your job to be happy. Or, trade security for satisfaction. You don’t.

Like any explorer will tell you, there’s more than one route to your chosen destination.


My role entails helping you know where that destination is and charting your course accordingly. Together, we find the answers that are right for you. Ones that leave you feeling confident and fully engaged at work so you can find YOUR way with fearless authenticity.

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